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My name is Marek Macner. You can read about the activities related to the COVID-19 pandemic on my FB profile –

It will be twenty years, as I first encountered the topic of ventilation of patients under increased pressure. Then – under the leadership of the then National Consultant for Emergency Medicine Prof. Jerzy Karski from Lublin, we tried to use portable, folding hyperbaric chambers for this purpose. Such a chamber is like a “large helmet” into which the whole patient enters lying down. Today – the same, only smaller, that is, a helmet that holds the patient’s head.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the large shortages of resources needed to handle the very large number of patients with respiratory problems at the same time. The lack of ventilators has made it necessary in Italy to decide who to connect. Young, old, improving, etc. To avoid this or at least reduce the likelihood of this happening in us and in all other places where there are deficiencies (and what about Africa?) this project was created. This is how THE HELMET WAS CREATED – a ventilation and protective helmet.

It can be produced by DIY methods, that is, do-it-yourself, but also can be manufactured at the factory. It is not certified because it cannot be as a DIY device. Only a specific device from a specific manufacturer can be certified. If someone else creates the same device – he has to do certification for “his” – hence for DIY devices separately would have to be certified each piece produced by each DIY hobbyist. However, there is a way out – individual approval can be obtained due to an emergency situation and I will apply for such an admission for the Helium. For use as a protective measure, that is, not as a medical device – such certificates do not need. Anyone can use.

On this portal you will find everything you need – technical knowledge about how to build a Helmet, medical knowledge – about how to use it (and other such solutions), training materials, news from the world and much more. Everything – in the knowledge base section. 

At this point, I would like to thank Aurice Savickaite for the use of helmets, the creator of for the inspiration, knowledge provided and support for the possibilities of material acquisition.

And the important thing is finance. This project is a non-profit project. Everything here is available free of charge. Also, the use of design, files for 3D printing, design materials – is free – but with the proviso that it can not be used to achieve benefits, that is, for commercial production. If someone wanted to produce for profit – it is also possible, but on a separate agreed basis the transfer of the rights to production.

Just because it’s free – doesn’t mean it doesn’t cost anything and doesn’t cost money. All of the work was created through crowdfunding through Screenshots and donations. Continuing – also requires costs. What I could and can continue to do is pass on my knowledge and skills. unfortunately I cannot provide funding myself. As you know, I was diagnosed with cancer last year and I completed chemotherapy a few days ago. Before me, since June a bone marrow transplant. This resulted in the loss of earning opportunities. Therefore, I ask for further social support.

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